Wine knowledge and wine culture

People often ask, why do you want to drink red wine? Is it popular? grade? health? Still living? Can other wines not meet the needs? Let us listen to the words of professional wine tasting people:

Due to the differences in varieties, soil, winemaking techniques and climate, the wines produced in each region have their own unique flavors, giving each person different visual, olfactory and taste sensations. Exclusions are only for the purpose of expressing identity or showing off high-priced wines. There are three reasons for the high price of good vintages in some famous wineries or wineries:

First, the good flavor and taste of these wines have been shared by many people for centuries;

Second, according to the principle of economics, the wine brewed in the same year drinks one less, and when the supply is less than the demand, the price will of course rise;

Third, these expensive wines usually have to be stored for a long time to mature. As time goes by, the transformation becomes more and more perfect, and the price becomes more and more expensive.

Some experts or people with long-term wine tasting experience can really see the vintage from the color of the wine, the grape variety from the smell, the maturity of the grape from the taste, and the taste and taste can be described by very appropriate adjectives. The whole wine tasting process is like playing treasures and treasures.

Nowadays, many people don't really understand red wine. Most people drink ordinary red wine with Sprite and lemon, and they drink more than a glass of wine. Those who truly understand wine think that “drinking less, but being better” is an immortal proverb for drinking red wine. Because red wine is a perfect blend of nature and time, it requires the patience of the drinker.

The bottle of wine knowledge

This is an elegant and skillful action. Generally, the wine should be allowed to be watched by the guests, and the origin and year of the wine should be stated. The display should allow the guests to visually see the label of the wine. The most common opening tools are auger with wooden handle, lever opener and butterfly opener. When opening the bottle, first use a knife to cut the seal from the outside of the bottle mouth to remove the upper end portion. Then screw the spiral cone into the cork slowly at the center, then fasten the bottle mouth, and then slowly pull the handle slowly to pull the cork out; when the cork is off the bottle, the bottle should be light. Pull it out so that it doesn't make a loud noise - it should be as quiet as possible throughout the opening process. Open the bottle and take out the cork, let the guest see if the cork is wet. If it is wet, it proves that the bottle is stored in a reasonable way. Otherwise, the bottle may be deteriorated due to improper storage. Guests can also smell the cork for odor or try it out to further confirm the quality of the wine. Only after the determination is correct can the wine be officially poured.

Wine tasting tips

When pouring wine, you should first give the guests a drink from the right side of the owner. Pay attention to the ladies and the elderly. When pouring wine, every guest should be able to see the label of the wine. The wine glass is always on the right side of the guest, so the pouring wine is also poured from the right side of the guest.

When pouring wine, the white wine usually breaks into the 2/3 capacity of the wine glass, and the red wine breaks into the 1/3 capacity of the wine glass. If the wine cellar is too full, it is difficult to raise the glass, and it is even more difficult to see the smell. It is necessary to leave a certain space for the wine gathered in the cup to make the aroma of the wine linger.

Wine knowledge with food pairing

The choice of wines to be paired with a menu depends on a number of factors, such as the wines, regional traditions, personal tastes, etc., and in any case, the red wine consumed in a meal should not be excessive.

The order in which wine is consumed affects the quality of their tasting. In order to reduce the disturbance of the wine of the first product and the wine of the later product, it is better to arrange the lighter wine in front of the order of wine tasting. The wine with slightly mild taste and sweet and rich taste should be left behind. So usually the white wine will be before the red wine, the sweet wine will be after the dry wine, the new wine will be before the old wine, and the high alcohol will be after the low alcohol. There are pre-dinner, table wine and post-meal wines in foreign countries. Pre-dinner wines can be prepared for some appetizing tastes and cocktails. Table wines vary from dish to dish, usually with dry red or dry white wine and champagne. Etc. After the meal, choose wines such as sweet wine, brandy and whiskey.

Shake of wine knowledge training

Hold the bottom of the wine glass and shake the wine cellar in the cup to hang the wine on the wall. Shake will release the ester, ether and acetaldehyde in the wine, so that the oxygen and red wine can be fully integrated to maximize the unique aroma of the red wine, so that the taste of the wine can be judged according to the aroma of the wine. From the horizontal side of the side of the wine glass, shake the glass to see the speed of the wine flowing down the wall of the cup. The more viscous the wine, the slower the speed and the better the wine.

Wine knowledge

The nose is the most sensitive organ for our tasting. In fact, the smell of the nose is closely related to the taste of the mouth taste, and the oral sensation confirms the experience of the nose. Smell the wine without shaking the wine, the perceived smell is the "first smell" of the wine, also known as the "pre-scent". Before smelling the wine, it is best to breathe a fresh air outside, then hold the cup and tilt the cup at 45 degrees. The tip of the nose is swept into the cup to smell the original smell of the wine. At this moment, the delicate and pleasant, elegant and rich aroma will come. Slightly sneak a few times, do not take long deep, because the smell is easy to passivate, especially when you want to evaluate several lighter red wines. Ask yourself if you like this smell, is it light? Is it fresh? Is it sour or sweet? Thick or sweet? Is it strong or graceful?

Wine tasting

Don't eat sweet food before tasting red wine, otherwise you will feel sour, bitter and astringent. For most people, wine tasting refers to a sip of wine and swallow it quickly, but this is not called wine tasting. Wine tasting is a thing to do with taste buds. Remember to let the wine fill your mouth, the sides of your tongue, the back of your tongue, the tip of your tongue, and extend to the bottom of your throat. The taste buds on the tongue can distinguish four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The tip of the tongue tastes sweet, the taste of the tongue is tasted by the side of the tongue, the sour taste on both sides of the tongue, and the bitter taste of the tongue.

In simple terms, good wine should have the following characteristics: the aroma is moderate, rich enough and complex; the wine is also rich enough and complex enough; the aftertaste should be long enough; the wine and oak should be balanced. The above four points are the basic conditions for good wine and are indispensable.

The aftertaste of wine knowledge

At this moment, the taster can quietly experience the wonderful wine, taste and characteristics: coordination, mellow, sweet, delicate, full, long, pure... The real good wine is mellow and memorable. Is the wine light and moderately rich, or is it more concentrated? Is red wine tannic too strong or too? Is it pleasant? How long does the aftertaste last? The most important thing is that you like this bottle of wine? The feeling after giving a taste of wine is wonderful and warm.

The finest red wine is like a perfectly harmonious symphony, each note and tone are clearly identifiable. Good red wine is indeed a brilliant art treasure in the wine world.

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