The origin of the wine cabinet


The Yankee people introduced the idea of wine to France. In the Middle Ages, the monastery began to guide the vineyards of most areas. They have a willingness to force and a strong will. And the endless stream of words and words, perfected many winemaking methods and invented many high-quality land. But the wines produced by the monastery are not for exclusive use, nor for mass. In addition to the monotonous and boring survival of the monks, winemaking also brought a rich income to the monastery. Until the end of the 14th century, the vineyards were built around the aristocratic and royal estates. Subsequently, the royal army wine, although in the early days of birth, already has a peculiar character and exclusive charm. It is said that these wines are alive. The tension is that they have breathing, breathing is one of the manifestations of life, and cork is the breathing system of wine. But the reason for the more tense reason is that they can continue to grow and change in the process of growing up. This has evolved a true sense of conduct. These rare treasures exist in reality and can be met by most people. However, not everyone is qualified to watch it, not even anytime, anywhere.

Wine must have its own space - wine cabinet

High-quality wines are as valuable as art, and production and survival are very limited. Are these people who have been created by skilled craftsmen really "understand" them.

Taking care of these great wines is like taking care of babies. Although the baby has the situation of life in the mother, but it exists independently in this world after birth, it truly reflects the meaning of life and the cost of existence. Everything is a slogan, a toddler, every breath, every move is toward the sun coming to the next day. Picking a suitable bed for him, the matching house is particularly tense. Can't sleep too softly; don't wrap too tightly; don't shake too much, so many aspects must be in the best condition. Only by laying a solid foundation can you think about the future. A real wine cabinet can do this for the wine!

The wine cabinet is actually a general term for some space related to wine. This includes: wine cellars and wine storage cabinets.

Lafite imitation ecological wine cabinet from France

What can the wine cabinet do for the wine? What else should I do? Summarize in one of the most succinct words - to provide the best storage conditions for wine! It’s hard to say simple. First of all, it is necessary to have proper humidity and temperature; it is also necessary to have good ventilation, to restrain the shock, and to deal with the cleanliness of the surrounding environment is also very demanding. Like the wine producing areas of France, there are many places where the natural surroundings are very good for storing wine. A semi-underground lodge, a semi-closed empty wine collector will buy a wine cabinet for the eternal storage of wine, but the wine cabinet is quickly filled up, and the price of the top wine cabinet is not self-made, even later Many collectors began to choose their own private wine cabinets at home, but the professional wine cabinets are not equipped with an air conditioner, and a humidifier can be used. Because the air conditioner can't make the indoor temperature connection constant, the humidifier can't meet the 75% humidity requirement. However, the most feared of wine is the temperature change that is high and low. If there is insufficient humidity for survival, the cork will easily shrink, leading to the signs of oxidation and leakage of wine. A real wine cabinet is a huge black and white thing for collectors. It is physiologically worried about every small mistake in itself. Dreads affect those treasures. Sometimes, even if you exhaust your own spirit, it is difficult to achieve the best. status.

The professional thermostat wine cabinet will be planned according to the actual storage conditions of the wine, and the thermostat system of the wine cabinet will be placed to accurately reach the conditions of constant temperature, constant humidity, ventilation, shock absorber and light protection, so that the life of the wine can be more durable. Real wine lovers, collectors deserve to have!

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