Under what circumstances need to use a thermostat

If you have more than 10 bottles of wine in your home and you are not willing to drink it for a year, then you 


should find a thermostat for them. If they have experienced a high temperature of 36 degrees in your home in the summer, and then encounter a dry and dry winter with static electricity, and then another one or two months of rainy weather, how can your wine be affected? Even if they are strong enough, the cork has long been recruited, it may chapped, and then moldy.

We don't have a constant temperature and humidity basement. We can only find a proper artificial, constant temperature and humidity space for the wines to let them sleep healthily and beautifully before being opened.

The thermostat wine cooler is designed according to the storage temperature of the wine. The general thermostat has two temperature zones, usually the upper zone is the high temperature zone, the highest is 22 degrees, the lowest is 12 degrees; the lower layer is the low temperature zone, the lowest is 5 degrees. The highest is 12 degrees. The principle of the thermostat is similar to that of the refrigerator, except that it adds a heating machine at the top to control the temperature to 10 to 18 degrees, which is a professional temperature suitable for wine storage. The top is suitable for storing precious red wines and the lower part is suitable for storing white and sparkling wines.

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