The wine cabinet does not know how to choose?

The original function of the wine cabinet was to “care” the wine and maintain the proper temperature to make it not deteriorate, but since its development, people have given new functions – decoration, the wine cabinet has become a beautiful landscape in many families, different Bottles, different colors, and different regions of the wine, add a lot of gorgeous colors to the interior, making people pleasing. However, many people have no experience in decoration, and they don't know how to choose a wine cabinet. So today, Liwei's family will take everyone to understand what choices are in the choice of wine cabinets.

First, the practicality of the wine cabinet


Although the wine cabinet is rich in style and style, its essential function is still used for storing wine. Therefore, it must not only consider the beauty of the wine cabinet but neglect the practicality. If the wine cabinet becomes a vase with no practical use, it is against The original intention of the wine cabinet.

Second, the size of the wine cabinet

The size of the wine cabinet does not have a uniform standard, mainly depends on the size of the indoor area and the amount of wine stored, but the height of the wine cabinet is generally no more than 2m, too high to take inconvenience, and also easy to vacant, after all, not a winery, It is also impossible to store too much wine at home. The depth of the wine cabinet can be 300mm-350mm, which is enough for the daily use of most families.

Third, the wine bar counter

The wine cabinet and the bar are a pair of heavenly creations. How can a fine wine get a delicate bar? If it is missing, it is tasteless. Therefore, when designing the wine cabinet, you should also consider the matching bar, you can make a wine cabinet with a bar, which not only makes the wine cabinet more fashionable, but also creates a drinking atmosphere.

Fourth, the type of wine cabinet

The wine cabinet is generally divided into a semiconductor wine cabinet and a compressor wine cabinet. The compressor wine cabinet is mainly cooled by gas-liquid conversion, and has the characteristics of fast cooling (good cooling effect, large capacity, etc.) the semiconductor wine cabinet is powered by a semiconductor chip, and has No noise, no vibration, no pollution, small size, etc. For ordinary families, if the amount of storage is not large, you can choose a semiconductor wine cabinet.

Five, the style of the wine cabinet


The style of the wine cabinet is mostly European or Chinese. The material is generally selected from solid wood. The main frame of the wooden wine cabinet is made of solid wood. It has a high-end luxury appearance and is very artistic. It can be well matched with mahogany furniture and rosewood furniture. It reflects the elegance and elegance.

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